are psychics real

Are Psychics Real?

In search of a real psychic

When people first start exploring the world of psychic abilities, I have found that their first response tends to be one of skepticism. The most common question I hear from those interested in getting a psychic reading is, “How do I know that psychics are even real?”

The answer to that question is not always black and white, and it requires an open mind and a little bit of faith to fully understand. Are psychics real? Yes they are. Are there fake psychics out there? Absolutely. The trick is being able to decipher the real deal from the imposters.

Psychic abilities are a gift of the universe, and they are something that all of us are born with to some degree. Think of it this way – everyone can learn to play the piano, but some people are born with a natural affinity for music that allows them to take this skill to the next level. It is the same with psychic abilities. We all can develop our intuitive skills, but the best psychic readers are those who have a natural talent to realize their full potential.

So how do you determine which psychics are real and which ones are not? Here we will go over some characteristics of real vs. fake psychics, and discuss the power that a true psychic reading can have on your life.

How to Recognize a Real Psychic

You have likely seen the signs on the side of the road or flashy commercials advertising the “best” psychics available. Are these people real psychics? Possibly, but it is buyer beware when it comes to obtaining a reading from a “psychic mill” or unverified reader.

Here are some characteristics of a true psychic to help you determine if the reader you are seeing is the real deal (or not!):

  • They emphasize free will

    A real psychic will not make major life decisions for you, and that is a very important point to remember when going into a reading. While they may receive information to guide you on your journey, a real psychic will always encourage you to follow your heart and choose your own path.

  • They avoid all scare tactics

    True psychics work in the Light and are not in the business of scaring their clients. If they receive information that could be concerning to the person they are reading, a real psychic is able to deliver the message in a way that supports their client instead of causing them fear.

  • They are honest

    This is probably the most important trait that a real psychic can have. Honesty is imperative to a good psychic reading, and a true intuitive understands that they cannot filter out the divine messages they are receiving or withhold information from their client.

  • They embrace their craft

    While real psychics have likely been aware of their talents since birth, they take measures to continually expand upon and learn their intuitive skills. While a long list of credentials is not a definitive reason to think a psychic is the real deal, it can show that they are a lifelong student of their craft.

How to Recognize a Fake Psychic

While real psychics have a wonderful gift, I have found that there are more than a few fakes out there as well. Fake psychics try to capitalize on the vulnerable state of those looking for readings and generally provide vague, false messages just to make some extra cash. Here are some of the ways you can spot a fake psychic before you end up taken advantage of!

  • They hold back information

    If your reader only offers you bits and pieces of the messages they say that they are receiving for you, chances are they are simply hoping to score a second (or third, or fourth…) reading. The more you come back, the more they make, and a fake psychic makes it a habit to use “cliffhangers” in their readings.

  • They have biased opinions

    A true psychic knows that they are only a messenger for the divine guidance they receive during your reading. A fake psychic will use their own bias and personal filter to distort the information coming in, causing it to no longer be authentic.

  • They are judgmental

    When someone comes in for a reading for a sensitive or emotional issue, a true psychic leaves any personal judgement at the door. A reading is no place to condemn or judge others for choices that you may not agree with, and fake psychics tend to use their “messages” against their clients instead of for support.

  • They oversell their abilities

    While real psychics are obviously gifted, they are not going to make false claims or brag about their abilities. If a psychic claims things such as 100% accuracy, the ability to read minds, or that they are the only person with these abilities – it’s time to walk away.

The Power of a Real Psychic Reading

A reading with a gifted psychic can be a life-changing event. Real psychics are typically compassionate, highly sensitive people that are devoted to bringing through guidance and healing messages in order to help others.

Some of the ways that a real psychic reading can influence your life include:

  • Deep emotional comfort

    Whether you have lost a loved one or a major shift has occurred in your life, connecting to the other side for guidance and support can bring you closure and freedom to move forward.

  • A new perspective

    It is easy to get stuck in our own minds when facing a difficult decision. A real psychic will be able to help guide you to connect with your own inner wisdom.

  • Understanding the past

    Often people find that the past affects them more than they would like to admit. Whether it is childhood trauma or karmic ties to past lives, a real psychic reading can unravel the mysteries of your past.

  • Remind you that you are never alone

    I have long felt that the greatest gift of a real psychic reading is the knowledge that you are never alone. You are always surrounded by the love and support of the universe, your guides, and loved ones who have crossed over.

Whatever the reason you have getting a psychic reading, I tell everyone that it is imperative that you connect and feel comfortable with your reader. A real psychic will support you with the intention of connecting you with your own inner guidance, and a true reading can have a powerful impact on your life.