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fire signs

The 25th promises to be a spectacular day for fire sign folks. Jupiter, planet of abundance, will hold hands with Uranus, planet of innovation, on that day. Both planets are currently transiting through fire signs (Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Aries). Therefore, all of you with an Aries, Leo and Sag emphasis in your chart (natal Sun or Moon in fire or a fiery Ascendant) are the most direct beneficiaries of this dance between the two planets.

A good day to buy a lottery ticket or otherwise benefit from sudden and unexpected good fortune. However, it’s also an important day to prepare for. If you have an innovative idea, or a fantastic website in need of sponsorship, start contacting bigwigs in advance of this day.

Lunar movements this month provide an opening for fire signs to develop their skills of sensitivity and relating. People with a strong fire emphasis in their charts often possess great charm, but sometimes they use their ability to dazzle others as an escape hatch from the deeper aspects of relationships. This month’s Solar Eclipse in Pisces may expose some fiery signs’ lack of sensitivity while the Lunar Eclipse in Libra demands equality rather than charismatic command.

  • aries

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Skip the coffee and energy drinks this month, Ram. You will already have enough energy coursing through you without them. You may feel like hiking, biking, dancing or having sex for hours at a time. A streak of good fortune which began for you a couple weeks ago may reach some kind of climax toward the end of this month. You and your new squeeze may take an exotic journey or you and your band may sign a contract with a major label. Perhaps you find an agent for your book. One caveat: beware of letting your excess energy turn into irritability.

Venus departs your sign for neighboring Virgo this month, which may reduce the number of daily compliments you receive from 100 to 96. The good news, however, is that Virgo represents the territory of your natal chart related to income. When the gift-giving planet makes her way through Virgo, Leos form beneficial new relationships and also harvest tangible rewards from existing connections. If you’ve been striving for some kind of gain—a promotion at work; a publisher for your book—then mark your calendar for the 25th. Jupiter in your sign will smile across the zodiac at Uranus, planet of change, in Aries on that day.

Mars, planet of action, confidence and confrontations, moves into your sign on the 13th. Use this added energy and oomph this planetary movement offers you to accomplish any difficult tasks you’ve been procrastinating. The 25th offers you a wonderful opportunity as Jupiter, the planet of wealth, currently in one-year residency in your fellow fire sign Leo, winks at Uranus as this planet of innovation lights a path through Aries. The synergy of these transiting planets moving through fire signs could help ignite new successes for you. The opportunity for spectacularly positive change is especially strong for Sadges born within five days of December 8.

air signs

You might want to review some old Warner Brothers’ Coyote and Road Runner cartoons to prepare for this month, O Airy Ones. Your success this month depends on your ability to embody the Road Runner rather than the Coyote. If you’re trying to “catch” someone, your prey will most likely out-think you in a way which leaves you scrambling in midair.

Each air sign has its own Coyote-like tendencies which must be acknowledged and then discarded to avoid looking foolish. Geminis frequently tend to tease mercilessly people whom they believe are too slow and ponderous. Most Libras like to think of themselves as diplomats. This often involves nudging, prodding and even manipulating people, all in the name of peace and harmony (as defined by Libra, that is).

Aquarians almost always view themselves as the smartest people in the room, and therefore offer up their opinions as if they were nuggets of gold. This month, any of those air-ish behaviors will result in you resembling Coyote after he attempts to blow up the Road Runner. For further research on overcoming common airy errors, read up on Native American myths about Coyote as a trickster figure whose attempts to trick others often backfire.

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  • gemini

Sometimes your reputation as a peacemaker relies too much on shoehorning people into over-simplified solutions to complicated problems. If you have let yourself fall into this tendency, you may face the consequences this month. Your partner or a close friend may rebel against your manipulative tendencies. You can avoid an unpleasant confrontation if you come clean during the first three weeks of this month. Consider whether you have been unknowingly taking the side of the bullies. Seek to undo any damage you have done. Exercise your diplomatic skills to make the powerful apologize to the powerless rather than vice versa.

Aquarians tend to believe that their high ideals make it completely impossible for them to harm anyone. However, your obvious belief that you are the most high-minded and ethical person in the room can make you seem self-centered. If your sense of superiority has caused you to underestimate another person, you might pay for that now. At worst, that person might decide to stage a public pratfall for you. Even at best, you will be excluded when someone close to you decides to share their sudden good fortune with everyone else. If you want your fair share, take time early this month to demonstrate your respect for others.

You may have unwittingly planted a bomb in your own backyard, Gemini. Have you accidentally offended someone with your barbed wit? Perhaps one of those mental slowpokes you like to tease has friends in high places? If you mend a few fences and seek to make amends now, you may still have time to avert disaster. Even if you can’t change things, you can still save face if you’re prepared to laugh about the egg on your own face. Using your humor against yourself may help you wiggle out of the worst of the possible consequences of your earlier actions.

earth signs

Earthy types can gain ground this month if they develop quick reflexes. The Universe will give you several opportunities which can lead to personal and professional advances. However, these chances may feel like curveballs which could hit you in the head if you are unprepared. You might want to take martial arts classes to develop your ability to think on your feet. It’s important you remain alert, especially during the second half of this month.

For Virgo, ruled by Mercury, this will probably feel natural. Taurus and Capricorn, on the other hand, tend to prefer the slow and steady approach. During this month anything other than fast footwork will make you seem like a plodder. You might even fall flat on your face if you hesitate or make the wrong move.

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces is equally friendly to earth signs and members of the water tribe. The period of two or three days on either side this Eclipse will enhance relationships and communication for all three earth signs. For Virgos, this moon offers a wonderful opportunity for romance. Bulls may re-establish a connection with a group of old friends. Capricorns will discover a window for healing a rift with siblings or neighbors.

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Stretching yourself into some unusual positions may form the key to your success this month. It may be a good idea to take yoga classes to limber your muscles up. But remember flexibility is more than just a physical quality. Mental limberness requires imagination. It also couldn’t hurt to follow the example of the White Queen in Alice Through the Looking Glass by believing “six impossible things before breakfast.” This literary character, who lives backwards in time, is actually an excellent role model for Capricorns, who tend to to appear old when they are young yet seem youthful in old age.

With Venus entering your sign on the 5th of this month and remaining there until the 29th, your mood grows lighter and more amorous. Check with an astrologer to see the exact when the planet of love, pleasure and beauty will be at the same degree as your natal Sun—this will be a great day for you to spend with your honey and/or your creative muse. The Solar Eclipse in the sign opposite yours on the zodiac wheel, Pisces, may highlight some dissonance between practical considerations and ideals. There may also be relationship shake-ups regarding the independence vs, responsibilities.

In preparation for this month, dear Bull, I suggest you train your fast twitch muscles. Exercise physiologists say that these muscle fibers are the ones which endow people with speed as well as explosive strength. Taureans tend to excel at endurance events rather than sprints. But this month you can reap amazing rewards by going against the grain. Rather than stopping to smell the roses—a pastime at which you excel—you must rush past those flowers in order to claim your prize. Making the effort to do this may permanently cure your chronic Taurean condition of feeling underappreciated.

water signs

This month brings mixed blessings for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The month begins beautifully for all of you watery types, highlighted by the Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Romance, friendship and familial love all receive a boost from this sensitive Pisces Solar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse especially encourages intimacy and emotional healing, giving you a beautiful window to repair hurt feelings and damaged relationships. While these benefits flow most directly to Piscean fishes, Cancerian crabs and Scorpions will also bask in the glow of this luscious lunar energy.

However, denizens of water who are prone to envy may find the latter half of the month more challenging. It’s not that the Universe will send negative events your way. It’s just that you may not feel like one of the Universe’s favorite children. Other people may be excitedly unwrapping cosmic gifts while you simply continue with the normal hassles of everyday life. So long as you are able to focus on your own life and happiness, rather than comparing yourself with others, you’ll be fine. If you find that difficult, you may want to invest in a good pair of blinders this month.

  • pisces

  • scorpio

  • cancer

The Solar Eclipse in your sign will shine a halo of bliss on you and your partner (or other close relationship if you’re currently single.) You may experience a sense complete and unconditional love, which helps heal some deep wound from an old trauma—or you might offer this kind of healing to someone else. However, the days before and after the Libra’s Lunar Eclipse might leave you feeling like first runner-up in a beauty contest or the person holding the lottery ticket with only 5 out of 6 matching numbers. Don’t let the sense of a near-miss discourage you.

Mars leaves your sign for Sagittarius on the 13th. Its transit this month through the segment of your zodiac chart related to money and values means you may have to struggle in some way in these areas. It is possible you will have to hustle to cover some unexpected extra expenses. It’s also possible that you will be put in a situation where you have to defend your beliefs. Nothing you can’t handle. The phrase “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” was probably coined by a Scorpio, justifiably proud of his/her ability to make it against the odds.

Have you ever watched a Solar Eclipse mirrored in a body of water? That magical image of La Luna reflected on the waves will influence the early part of this month for you. The Pisces Solar Eclipse may feel like your fairy godmother. One or two of your most cherished wishes may be granted. One or two of your deepest hurts may be healed. Receive these gifts from the Universe with gratitude. Let their memory fill your heart with contentment. Don’t permit yourself to become distressed if the flow of gifts seems to dwindle later in the month.