psychic readings accuracy

Psychic readings accuracy

The 3 Most Accurate Types of Psychic Readings

The number one question I’m asked by my clients is about psychic readings accuracy. The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no. In fact, the accuracy of the reading depends on several factors including the experience and training of the reader as well as the type of reading involved.

No psychic can realistically claim to be 100% accurate (the numbers usually show around 93%) and psychic reading accuracy is often a very subjective observation based upon the level of openness for both the reader and the client.

With that said, here are three types of psychic readings that I have found to be the most accurate across the board.

Palm Reading

What are Palm Readings?

Palm readings, also known as palmistry or chiromancy, is a reading technique used for thousands of years. The type of palmistry most commonly taught today is based largely upon Greek mythology, and each of the fingers carries a name of a Greek God with corresponding symbolism. In this classical form of palm reading, both the major and minor lines are read, as well as the finger shape, marks or blemishes, and the natural position of the hand.

Who is it for?

In my experience, palmistry is very beneficial for those who have a more analytical, visual mind. In contrast to other more intuitive forms of readings, palmistry tends to be very matter of fact. What you see is what it is, and a good palm reader will be able to clearly show you the symbols and lines found within your hands while explaining their intuitive interpretation of the ancient meanings.

Palm Readings Accuracy

What I have always found fascinating with palmistry is the fact that no two readings are the same, showing how our hands can change with the evolution of our lives. While palmistry can be extremely accurate for interpreting where you are at in the present stage of your life, it is important to remember that it is not an overall accurate predictor of your future.

Tarot Card Reading

What is Tarot?

Tarot is an ancient art with a murky history, and there is no definitive answer as to when and where the cards first started being used for divination purposes. Over the centuries, tarot has evolved into what is now considered a standard 78 card deck. Modern tarot card decks are broken up into Major and Minor Arcana, and through the skills of the reader, the various symbols and patterns are deciphered into highly accurate intuitive messages.

Who is it for?

There are two different types of readings commonly used – open readings and question readings. I have found that the type of reading that works best is very dependent on the person receiving them. If you are willing to receive whatever guidance the cards will provide, an open reading would work well for you. If you go into the reading with a very narrow focus, chances are you will only be satisfied with a question reading that specifically addresses your questions.

Tarot Card Reading Accuracy

Psychic reading accuracy is very dependent on the form of reading used, and this is very apparent with tarot. A reading with tarot cards is not intended to predict your future. The beauty of tarot lies in its ability to connect you with your own inner guidance. These readings are highly accurate in connecting you to your innate wisdom through the gentle guidance of the card’s messages.

Clairvoyant Reading

What is Clairvoyancy?

Clairvoyancy, meaning “clear vision”, is a term used to describe a form of extrasensory perception. Being clairvoyant is a powerful gift that can lead to high levels of psychic reading accuracy, and it has been studied by modern researchers as well as found throughout the history of ancient cultures. The gift of clairvoyance is characterized by strong “visions”, prophetic dreams, and an innate ability to see both past, present, and future scenarios.

Who is it for?

Clairvoyant readings are simply conducted from the visions and guidance of the skilled intuitive, who describes what they see and feel in your energy. Due to this, I have found that these readings are best suited for the most open-minded people. Skeptics have a field day with clairvoyant readings, as they often want “proof” instead of guidance. If you have an open mind and an open heart, a reading from a skilled clairvoyant can be a life changing experience.

Clairvoyancy Accuracy

The accuracy of clairvoyant readings is hard to judge, and it is very fluid. What the reader sees may not seem accurate at the time, but days or months down the road the messages can all make perfect sense. In order to gain the most from this type of reading, keep an open mind without dismissing information that you are unsure of. While highly accurate for both past, present, and even future scenarios, clairvoyant readings always need to be considered within the bigger picture of your life.

There are many different forms of psychic readings, and their accuracy is determined by more than the reading method being used. In order to have an accurate reading, take the time to become clear of what you hope to gain from the intuitive guidance of the reader. Whether you use tarot, palmistry, or clairvoyance, the more open you can be, the more wisdom you will take away from the messages you receive.