tarot cards

What can tarot cards tell me about my future?

A language of symbols

Tarot cards provide a language enabling communication between the mundane human world, and the spiritual world. The latter realm does not obey the rules of everyday life and linear time, thus the future is as easily read there as the past and present.

Communication between humans and denizens of the spirit realm becomes easier when using images rather than words. The images depicted on the 78 tarot cards are symbolic and highly evocative. They have the ability to convey many different meanings, applicable to a vast array of different human circumstances.

Interpreting the meaning of each tarot card relative to the question at hand is easiest for those who have natural psychic abilities. A talented psychic using her/his tarot cards can become, in effect, a bridge between a person with questions and the realm of divine knowledge. You can also learn the meanings of the tarot cards, as well as learn how to develop their own natural psychic skills in order to read for yourself.

Many different theories exist as to the origin of tarot cards. Some who have studied the cards believe they contain coded wisdom from ancient cultures, with some pointing to pre-historic matriarchal cultures, others to the temple priests of ancient Egypt, and others still citing elements of Hebrew esoteric lore. However, most of this is speculation based on the images in early decks of tarot cards. A scant few definite facts are known about the history of the cards.

Types of Tarot Cards

The tarot cards consist of 22 major arcana images. The most famous of these, because of its frequent misuse in horror films, is the Death card. Despite what scary movies indicate, this card does not foretell literal, physical Death. If you decide to learn tarot, you will learn that the cards have meaning on several different levels beyond literal external events. The cards which tarot novices view as frightening actually refer to inner growth or deeper personal insights.

In addition to the 22 major arcana, there are also 40 minor arcana cards and 16 court cards. The minor arcana and court cards are divided into four suits: pentacles, swords, cups and wands. These suits relate, respectively, to earth, air, water and fire. Modern decks often re-name these suits, but nearly all decks retain the connection of suits to the four elements.

When you receive a tarot reading, the cards reveal a great deal about the forces surrounding you. The major arcana cards indicate energies which have a powerful connection with your question. Your psychic also gains a great deal of information by noticing which suits predominate in your reading. If there are many cups (water), then the issue at hand involves deep feelings as well as dreams and intuition. A large percentage of wands (fire) in a reading indicates passion and physical energy. If your reading contains several swords, then intellect and words play an important role in the matter. Pentacles (earth) relate to the basic building blocks of the physical world, such as money.