unhappily married

Are You Unhappily Married?


People remain in unhappy marriages for many different reasons. Sometimes it is because they do not know if the marriage is merely going through a difficult period and will eventually improve. Sometimes it is because they feel insecure, doubting they will meet someone better than their spouse. Other factors, including children and finances, can also influence someone to remain married when they would prefer to seek a divorce.

The uncertainty and emotional isolation of being unhappily married can be extremely stressful. Many people underestimate the negative health impact of stress. Stress can cause a wide range of both physical and emotional health problems. Health experts recommend minimizing stress through meditation, a healthy diet, and counseling.

When marital problems form the root of your stress, it is important to find someone whom you can talk with honestly. Many people feel unable to confide in their friends or family members about issues with a spouse. A good therapist or an experienced psychic can offer impartial advice as well as a sympathetic listening ear. The benefit of talking with a psychic is that he or she can provide insights into the future, as well as the motives of the unsatisfactory spouse.

Client Case Histories

If you are unhappily married, a trusted psychic can help you resolve feelings of uncertainty and insecurity. For example, my client Rhonda was desperately unhappy with her husband, Bob. Rhonda and Bob were sexually incompatible. Also, Bob often verbally abused Rhonda. Since she lived in a small town and this was her third marriage, Rhonda feared the social consequences of another divorce.

My psychic guides told me that Rhonda would find the love of her life within three years. I encouraged her to act on her gut instinct to seek a divorce. Two years later, when she met her soulmate, a very attractive man eight years her junior, she was free to embark on a whirlwind romance which led to them moving across the country together.

Another of my clients, Peter, came to me for advice because his wife Denise had been distant with him since the death of both her parents in a car crash. Peter felt emotionally abandoned since Denise appeared uninterested in either sex or real conversation. Using my psychic skills, I could see that Denise still loved Peter but that her deep grief absorbed all of her emotional energy. I was able to assure Peter that their marriage could survive. I suggested that he create an opening for his wife to share her feelings of grief with him. But I also cautioned him this process would take time.

Eventually, Peter’s patience paid off. Denise gradually began to resume her previous warmly affectionate gestures. Their sex life and their communication resumed their previous pace. They planned a second honeymoon shortly afterwards.

The names, as well as a few of the details, in these stories have been altered to preserve client confidentiality. I have aided many unhappily married people, always offering complete compassion and anonymity, so that they can safely confide in me. Our psychics offer non-judgmental advice based solely on the wisdom of their spirit guides, who see truths not yet visible to human senses.

Unhappily married people often face a dilemma. They need advice and a sympathetic listening ear yet feel unable to confide private details of their marriage in friends or family. A skilled psychic can offer impartial advice as well as insights into what the future holds.