my destiny

What is my destiny?

Recovering a Sense of Purpose

As you commute to work; as you walk your dog; as you watch TV, your destiny quietly awaits. But some people never live up to their true potential. They fail to meet their true destiny. How can you avoid this sad fate?

Most people begin asking themselves while in their teens or even during childhood “What is my destiny?” Unfortunately however, we live in a culture with many distractions. Many people become derailed from their path to destiny by their fascination with their generation’s zeitgeist. As a result, they often forget for several years to seek their own individual destiny. Often, people experience a sense of panicked awakening from this forgetfulness, desperate to find their destiny, yet worried that they may have waited too long, that they are already too old.

Chances are, your destiny has already begun to reveal itself in small ways. Since you are so deeply enmeshed in the mundane details of your everyday life, you may have lost perspective on the larger picture guiding you toward your destiny. You may have joined the ranks of the lost and confused who, as the saying goes “can’t see the forest for the trees.”

A good psychic can help you recover a sense of connection to your own personal destiny. Instead feeling frustrated by the seemingly unsolvable riddle “What is my destiny?”, you can recover a sense of direction in life. Psychic guidance can help you perceive the hidden patterns in your life that already hint at your personal destiny.

The Sword in the Stone

When ask your psychic “What is my destiny?” don’t expect a simple answer. For example, your psychic will not baldly state “You are meant to become a doctor” or “You will find fulfillment in raising three children.” Instead, your psychic will help you perceive the clues already in front of you. She or he may point out the important role that healing or nurturing has already played in your life, to encourage you to perceive your destiny. Your psychic can aid you in recognizing your destiny for yourself. But he or she can’t claim that destiny for you.

In this sense, each of us is like King Arthur in the story of the Sword in the Stone. In that myth of Camelot, if you recall, Merlin told Arthur of the sword stuck in the stone and even guided him to its location. Yet it was up to Arthur himself to claim his destiny as “right wise King born of all England” by pulling the sword out from the anvil himself.

Although your destiny is unlikely to involve a literal stone and sword, with a crown awaiting you, you will feel a sense of claiming greater power as you perceive your destiny. Your psychic will act as your own personal Merlin, giving you the wise advice and guidance you need to move from confusion to a deep inner sense of confidence and strength by helping you understand your destiny.