predict my future

Who can predict my future?

Fate and Choice

Have you ever said to yourself “I wish I could predict my future”? Have you ever wished you could reach through the years to learn wisdom from your future self? While literal time travel is not yet possible, you can gain glimpses of your possible future—almost as if your future self was sending advice to you in the present.

We all live complex lives. We make many tiny choices every day which have a ripple effect of moving us closer to one version of the future rather than another version. Basically, we each live our own very complicated “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. At the same time, all of us are born with a specific fate or destiny.

For instance, one woman may be destined to marry at age 30, but her choices determine whether she chooses an honest man who adores her or one who cheats on her. One man’s destiny may dictate he will serve someone powerful. The man’s life choices decide whether he is the right-hand man for a politician, a philanthropist or a drug lord. Sometimes we may seem to have too few choices. Sometimes we have a bewildering range of options. How do we choose?

Psychic Map and Compass

Very often, people make poor choices because they are not aware of their own destiny. They strive for something which can never belong to them, while failing to see a prize they can easily obtain. In that way, most people are a bit like travelers without a map or compass. They are liable to miss a hidden shortcut which could make their journey easier. Or they mistakenly choose a path which leads them away from their destination.

As a skilled psychic, I will read your destiny to help you make wise decisions. I will advise you if a certain career path is liable run into a dead-end. Then I offer suggestions for other paths where you are likely to achieve great success. I can also help you select a spouse with whom you are likely to experience lasting happiness. When clients come to me and say “Can you predict my future?” I tell them the answer is both yes and no. I cannot predict that at lunchtime on a certain day 23 years from now you will be wearing a blue jacket while sitting in a specific restaurant eating onion soup. What I can do is help you perceive the course of your life more clearly. I use my psychic insights to help my clients move away from the confusion and minute-to-minute crisis management in which people too often find themselves.

If you have come to a sort of fork-in-the-road of your life’s journey, my psychic abilities enable me to tell you if the pathway to the right runs into a ditch while the one to the left runs smoothly.

Can a Psychic Really Predict My Future?

All I can offer clients is my advice based on information my psychic abilities enable me to access. Because I do not know every decision you will make in the next several years, I cannot know which of the possibilities I foresee for you will come to pass. Since my psychic talents provide me with an eagle’s eye view of your life’s potential, I can give you vital information to aid you in making wise choices.