who will I marry

Who Will I Marry?

Looking for Love in All the Right Places

The question “Who will I marry?” plays in the background of most single people’s thoughts every day. If you’re single, you may find this burning question pops into your head almost everywhere, whether you’re at the office, the gym or the grocery store.

Maybe you go out for a walk and can’t help but admire the strong, slender thighs of a passing jogger and indulge in a hope that the man/woman you eventually marry will also be fit and active.

At a restaurant with friends, you might notice the attractive voice of the waiter and hope for a future spouse whose voice will have the same sexy timbre. You imagine that voice whispering something sweet and sexy in your ear.

Perhaps you see a couple walking together holding hands, their faces turned toward each other, and long to experience the kind of love they share. But who will be the person holding your hand?

When dating someone, you might wonder “Is he/she the one?” But how can you find the answer to this question? Of course you can take quizzes. Most of these are just fun, although some of them can at least help you identify what kind of marriage you want. But they don’t really help answer that all-important question: Who Will I Marry?

Dreams and Tarot

When I was still single, I dreamed about my future husband. Because of these dreams, I knew before I even met him that he has dark hair; that he previously served in the military; that he small scar runs along his right wrist, and that he owns horses. When I was introduced to him at a party, I felt a special tingle along my spine that helped me recognize him.

If your dreams haven’t guided you yet, don’t worry. Dream messages aren’t the only way to find out about your true love. I can help. As a skilled psychic, I have guided many clients, helping each of them find their soulmate. I always feel touched when people write to thank me, sometimes months or even a year later, saying things like “Because of you, I knew that I shouldn’t turn down that invitation to go with friends to the concert, because I knew my future husband might be there. Now we’re together and deliriously happy.”

As I read your tarot cards, my natural psychic skills will help flesh out a picture for me of your future husband or wife. Because of my psychic talents, I see much more than just the individual cards on the table. I will be able to help you answer “Who Will I Marry?” But I will also be able to give you much more information—including hints the universe gives me about what your future groom or bride looks like plus the approximate timeline of when you’re most likely to meet and the kind of setting where your first encounter is most likely to occur.

After our reading, instead of having the thought “Who Will I Marry?” burn itself into your brain, you can start preparing. You can start getting ready to actually meet Mr. or Ms. Right. A skilled psychic can help you answer the question.