will I ever get married

Will I ever get married?

Mapping Your Life Journey

If you look up your home on a map with an aerial view, you can see many features which may not be visible from your window. Unless you have walked your neighborhood many times, some of what the map shows may be unfamiliar to you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have this kind of perspective on your life’s path?

This is essentially what a psychic can do for you, to provide this kind of broader perspective. With the aid of a psychic, troubling questions such as “Will I ever get married?” become as easy to answer as locating a forest preserve five miles away from you.

Every individual’s path through life is unique. Some people’s paths differ from their friends’ journeys in minute details. Other people have lives which share few similarities with those of their peer group. When a client comes to me in despair because his or her life seems so unusual, I remind them that only highly advanced souls take on these kind of lives.

If you think of life as an university, the people with unusual lives are the geniuses who sign up for a challenging double major. If you have not found your soulmate yet, it may be because he/she is as unique as you and the Universe has ordained that the two of you must “graduate” from certain challenges before marrying. Your romance will be all the more rewarding after your long wait.

I have had many clients come to me asking “Will I ever get married?” Always, the answer has been “You will marry.” However, sometimes I foresee a longer wait than the client hoped for or expected. For these clients, I have long kept a scrapbook (as well as a set of links) to help them remember that love comes for people of all ages, and that some people finally find love in their senior years.

Romance Finally Arrives

One of my longtime clients recently married for the first time at age 43. She came to see me for the first time when she was 32, asking me “Will I ever get married?”. I broke it to her gently that her future husband was not on the horizon yet, because he was still enmeshed in an unhappy first marriage. I counseled her to enjoy her single years, telling her, as my spirit guides had shown me, that her husband would value the strength and independence she developed over the years. I counseled her not to give up and marry someone she did not love solely for the sake of being married.

My client, Jane, not only persevered but learned how to thrive during those years. She evolved during that time, growing out of being an anxious young woman, afraid to live life fully without a husband, becoming an active and adventurous world-traveler. When she met the man who is now her husband, he found her fascinating and irresistible. His difficult first marriage had ended largely because his first wife was very timid and dependent. He fell in love with the woman my client had become during the years she was unmarried, living life to the fullest on her own.